Lagoon Innovations

Lagoon innovations – the key to global success

Lagoon is a company that’s dominating the global multi-hull market. It has been successful at it since its very beginnings and especially in inventions and innovations.

How was this achieved?

It’s very difficult to simplify it all to a single reason. However, it probably comes down to their continuous efforts to bring a handful of basic concepts to perfection. Seems like this has definitely played a major role in obtaining a worldwide reputation in catamaran construction.

Starting as a part of JTA (Jeanneau Technologies Avancées or Jeanneau Advanced Technologies), Lagoon innovations have thoroughly changed the catamaran construction. They used their racing experience and a unique philosophy oriented on constantly raising the level of comfort while maintaining superb performance.

Listed below you’ll find their most significant accomplishments. Starting from the construction of a trimaran for the Waterworld movie all the way to the most advanced ways of space management and automatization on the flagship models of today.

Early days in racing

To fully understand the evolution of the brand, we have to go back to Lagoon’s beginnings under JTA. The JTA team developed specialized and sometimes peculiar projects (such as the Waterworld). In the late 1980s, passionate racing enthusiasts built multi-hulls that still hold records today!

Principles, knowledge and experience gained in the racing days were soon applied to cruising boats, with great success.

Changing the world of leisure multi-hulls

As a result of joining the Benetau group in 1996, a new era for the company began. It was time to put experience, know-how and resources to work to build the best catamarans on the market.

1996 – In contrast to conventional lamination processes, deck and hull structures are infused and vacuum injected which achieves unparalleled rigidity, safety and stability.

1997 – Vertical glazing on the 410 model revolutionizes the openness and spaciousness of the interior, therefore resulting in greater visibility.

1998 – Engine positioning in the aft compartment brought silent cabins and a new ease of maneuvering for the Lagoon 380

2000 – First venture in motorboats was a great success and with a record of 113 multi-hull motorboats produced.

2004 – Revolutionary 440 model brings gullwing shape nacelle, a flybridge and at only 45 feet it becomes an instant hit. 423 units produced break all records.

2006 – While the world was still trying to get its head around the hybrid propulsion systems, Lagoon was ready for mass production of the 420 hybrid model. It was the first catamaran with a combination of diesel and electric engine.

2009 – Famous for its well-balanced range, Lagoon turns to expanding it for a new, exciting market of large contemporary catamarans. Luxurious 620 model was a foundation for the new flagships of the top the Lagoon range today.

2010 – Forming a partnership with Nauta Design has taken the interior design and comfort Lagoon was already famous for to a new level, with unprecedented quality, practicality and elegance.

2012 – Lagoon 52 disrupted the existing ways of how catamaran design and construction. New layout, rigging with the mast step further aft changed the methods of navigation with a self-tacking foresail and more efficient mainsails.

2014 – After a long break, Lagoon ditches the sails on the grandiose 630 MY model for its return to the motor yacht world.

2016 – Lagoon 42 recalibrated the established balance between comfort and performance.

2017 – Spectacular year with the new top of the range – the SEVENTY line. It refines catamaran superyachts with both sail and motor versions available.

If you would like to take part in such an exciting history, contact our sales team and let them know what it is that you are looking for.

March 12, 2019
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Destination Lagoon

Destination Lagoon – Global value of the Lagoon brand

No matter how familiar with the yachting world you are, when you think about a catamaran only one word comes to mind – Lagoon.

Even those who have only once seen a sailboat with double hulls, it was probably a Lagoon. And its beauty and elegance are probably what led you to this blog today. For those a bit more involved, there is no need for an introduction. You already know what the brand stands for. Although you might not be fully aware of its importance for the entire industry.

Because of revolutionary design concepts and continuous innovation became a true leader on the cruising catamaran market.

Lagoon brand started as a pioneer. It has become a symbol of unparalleled refinement and elegance, on levels usually associated with motorboats and superyachts. Not only is it recognized, but it’s cherished and admired in an enthusiastic catamaran community worldwide.

Truly global

With 110 certified partners on 6 continents, Lagoon is the only catamaran brand with a truly global presence. Worldwide network is a celebration of cultural diversity and traditions, united in an appreciation of engineering and design ingenuity.

Lagoon club brings the owners together, with annual Escapade regattas/events held in sailing destinations around the world. These fabulous festivals of hedonism are an exclusive way to promote Lagoon’s philosophy. This is based on the absolute comfort of life and providing customers with a once in a lifetime experience of destinations.

Lagoon today

Remarkable achievements and global leadership haven’t settled down the revolutionary and innovative spirit characteristic to the company. Lagoon always tirelessly looks for new ways to add comfort and convenience to the entire range. The famous Italian Nauta studio is in charge of the unique interior design.

Nature preservation has always been of the utmost importance to the company and they have been pioneering in hybrid propulsion systems. New technologies are integrated in each new model, and ensure an impressive level of sustainability.

With more than 4700 boats delivered, Lagoon remains the leading catamaran manufacturer and a market leader. The technology and innovations and more importantly comfort are the bases of this leading position.

Lagoon shaped today’s catamaran market and brought the thrills of sailing to a whole new segment. They shifted the focus on conviviality and spaciousness.

Destination Croatia

There are not many places in the world where the sea, scenery, coastline and the way of life form a sailing experience that is so perfectly aligned with the philosophy behind the Lagoon brand. Croatia definitely is one of those places, a safe haven for both sailing enthusiasts and casual sailors seeking a genuine experience without unnecessary extremes.

Nautika Centar Nava, with almost 30 years of experience in the yachting business is a proud Lagoon partner since 2001. With a wide array of highly specialized services, Nava team is ready and willing to assist you in the purchase, maintenance and charter management of your yacht, ensuring the best possible ownership experience.

If ownership experience is not (yet) what you’re after, our charter department is happy to fully accommodate your delicate requests and provide you with a try-out. We’ll surely find a catamaran that suits your sailing needs perfectly.

March 6, 2019
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Lagoon history

Lagoon history – from extravagant racers to unmatched luxury

The Lagoon story is certainly an impressive one. Unorthodox and daring since its very beginnings in 1984, Lagoon remains innovative . They bring revolutionary solutions to the industry with every new model in the wide range.
Today, the company is the market leader in multihull segment with more than 4700 boats produced.
Here, we’ll try to tell the story with key moments in the company’s history. These led to the iconic status and worldwide reputation that it enjoys today.

Racing heritage

Back in 1984 Lagoon was a part of JTA (Jeanneau Technologies Avancees). This was a highly specialized division that produced record-breaking racers, including maxi-multihulls. Speed, stability and overall performance of the boats were ground breaking and significantly ahead of competition.
The principles and technology invented during the racing boat development were soon applied to the first generation of leisure and off-shore cruising catamarans.
Another project from this pioneering era is the development of custom trimaran for Hollywood sci-fi spectacle starring Kevin Costner, The Waterworld.

Revolutionizing multihull cruising, annually

In the period between 1987 and 1996 Lagoon first gained global following and a reputation for elegant lines, exquisite build quality and superior performance.
The first generation launched Lagoons 55, 47, 67 and 67 owner version plus smaller 37 and 42 models to fit in the charter market. Regardless of the very limited production numbers, Lagoon was soon recognized as a manufacturer that did everything better.
In 1996 Lagoon integrated with the Beneteau group and Construction Navale Bordeaux became responsible for the Lagoon brand.
The launching of a new generation disrupted the market once again. Innovative solutions and continuous efforts enhanced construction methods.
The key to the company’s global success is sticking to basic principles:

  1. maximum sun protection
  2. absolute use of limited space
  3. taking both customer satisfaction and opinions quite literally and seriously in further development

Most notable features included the vertical glazing in the 410 model that modernized space management in multi-hulls. Also, positioning the engine in the 380 model resulted with silent cabins and easy maneuvering.

Lagoon – world leader

In 2003 Lagoon became the world leader in production of cruising catamarans, with over 80 authorized representatives worldwide.
Nautika centar Nava is proud to have partnered up with Lagoon in 2001. This means our company was one of Lagoon’s earliest partners outside of their domestic French market. Our efforts to introduce catamarans to the thriving Croatian market have brought significant success for both companies. It put Croatia on the map as a well-known catamaran and leisure cruising destination. Comfort seeking sailors and hedonists of the world could find plenty of options in Croatia. Lagoon has recognized Nava as one of its key European partners, and has awarded the company as both the best dealer and the best owner’s event organization on several accounts.
Years that followed have brought more innovation and many firsts for Lagoon. Subtle changes in the elegant design had a radical impact on the performance of the boats. Furthermore, the never-ending improvements of the interior, add more space for people that understand and appreciate what Lagoon’s all about – bringing comfort to the sailing world.

So, where’s Lagoon today?

Still on top, well prepared to please the most demanding clients with the new extravagant SEVENTY range. Likewise, even the wide array of the more accessible models, balance comfort, luxury and performance perfectly.

March 4, 2019
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Lagoon Escapades

Lagoon Escapade – pleasure regatta experience

Lagoon Escapade is an opportunity to take in a sailing destination completely, joined by like-minded catamaran enthusiasts from all over the world. This is not just a regatta, focused strictly on sailing, this is a treat for all your senses, a chance to live the Lagoon dream the way it was intended to. We’ll go through the basics here, introduce you to how it’s been done for almost a decade in an ever-growing number of worldwide destinations.

The concept

The Escapade is a true extension of the praised Lagoon philosophy, based entirely on the principles of conviviality, elegance and security.

The idea is quite simple. It’s about having fun out on the sea, enjoying the sun while meeting new friends and sharing stories over local delicacies and wine.

A local Lagoon authorized dealer and representative usually organizes the Escapade, supported by the international Club Lagoon and local sponsors. Organizers design an attractive itinerary, lively entertainment program while handling all the logistics. All participants, have full support before and throughout the event and in the most professional manner.

It usually takes place on a carefully selected weekend during the sailing season, with most probable perfect weather conditions.

Over the course of the event, participants can expect a remarkably balanced blend. There is the excitement of sailing, fine dining and best of all, company of people that share the same passion and love for the sea, appreciated in a unique – the Lagoon way.

The beginnings and destinations

First Lagoon Escapade took place in Marseilles in 2009; Ile d’Aix followed in 2011. After the early years, it really took off. This was mainly thanks to the initiatives by local representatives from all over the world. Since it’s beginnings on the Mediterranean, the Escapade grew into an international affair. There’s a strong Australian community, constant presence in the Caribbean and recently, the Philippines, as the newest addition. Annual tradition of these events guarantees steady increase of participant numbers.

Adriatic Lagoon Regatta – Escapade, the Croatian way

Adriatic Lagoon Regatta has successfully brought the Lagoon Escapade experience to Croatia and the Adriatic. It’s the perfect destination that takes the overall experience to the next level.  Held annually from 2012, it is among the first Escapades ever to take place. Because many enthusiastic participants keep coming back it is often considered as a favorite Escapade. Most Escapades gather solely Lagoon owners whereas the Adriatic Lagoon Regatta is open to all options. You can rent a bareboat or a crewed catamaran or just one or two cabins. It is suitable for all levels of sea and catamaran enthusiasts.

Hosted by Nautika centar Nava, catamaran enthusiasts meet to visit breath-taking spots along the Adriatic. Presenting centuries of culinary practice in Dalmatian cuisine is also important. As is its pairing with selected wines. The itinerary often comes with a fresh twist. Although, some reoccurring destinations include a visit to the fabulous Maslinica bay on Šolta and a taste of glamorous Hvar and the neighbouring Pakleni islands. The past years have also included visits to Vis and Trpanj (Peljesac peninsula).

When over 200 enthusiasts gathered together aboard 22 Lagoon catamarans last year, it was a spectacular sight. This truly hedonistic celebration of life and values perfectly is aligned with the Lagoon philosophy.

Preparations for the 2019 edition are already in full swing, so make sure to keep an eye for updates and join us for a once in a lifetime experience.

March 4, 2019
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