40 Years of Lagoon

40 Years of Crafting Dream Yachts: Lagoon Catamarans Have Been Around Since 1984

Let’s dive into Lagoon’s history

The story of Lagoon catamarans is one of innovation, dedication, perseverance, and a genuine love for sailing that has spanned over four decades. Since its beginnings in 1984, the brand has truly made a mark in the maritime world and redefined what it means to journey across the waters with elegance and comfort.

Lagoon’s history is deeply intertwined with its racing origins, tradition, and excellence. Initially, the department of JTA (Jeanneau Technologies Avancées) specialized in racing boats, including maxi-multihulls. In 1987 they launched their first model – the Lagoon 55, and Construction Navale Bordeaux was born. Lagoon quickly pivoted to cater to the emerging market for leisure cruising and applied all the principles and technology from their racing days.

Since joining the Groupe Beneteau in 1992, Lagoon’s dedication to creating some of the most sought-after catamarans in the world, has been taken to new levels.

Innovating through the years

In the past 4 decades, this brand has been synonymous with pioneering designs and innovations in the boat-building industry. Each new Lagoon model introduced to the market was a revelation, pushing the boundaries of what sailors could expect from a luxury catamaran.

Their models were designed for coastal cruising, but could also venture on longer ocean crossings. Incorporating revolutionary advances in hull design, onboard technology, and living space optimization—each aspect is meticulously engineered to enhance the sailing experience.

  • Lagoon 410 introduced vertical windows and increased the interior in 1997
  • Lagoon 440 was a ground- and wave-breaking catamaran with a flybridge on the roof with all the maneuvering and navigational equipment. It had huge windows in the hull, forward cockpit, a wave-piercing nacelle, shaped like a wing, island berth, walk-in closet and walk-in shower in the owner’s cabin.
  • the first hybrid diesel/electric propulsion model – the Lagoon 420 Hybrid was launched in 2007
  • In 2009 Lagoon launched the 620 – a luxury catamaran that serves as inspiration and norm for all of Lagoon’s flagships to this present day
  • upgraded comfort and performance with the Lagoon 42 (launched in 2016) – current global best-seller with more than 1000 units sold and topping the Lagoon 380 that was launched in 1998 + First Seventy7 model
  • new models: Seventy8 motor yacht, Lagoon 40 and Lagoon 50
  • In 2021 – the launch of the Lagoon 51 marks the beginning of the sustainable construction process and plenty of equipment on board to support owners in preserving the environment
  • In 2024 Lagoon announced that 7,000 Lagoon catamarans have been sold globally in the past 40 years

Sailing to new horizons

As Lagoon expanded its fleet, so did its reach across the globe. So, in 2003 Lagoon was the world’s leading catamaran manufacturer with over 80 authorized representatives. It’s worth mentioning that Nautika Centar Nava started representing Lagoon catamarans in Croatia and the Adriatic in 2001!

The brand’s impact on promoting sailing culture is crucial. The two hulls with their increased stability and extreme comfort onboard have introduced so many people worldwide to the pleasures of sailing. Organizing and hosting regattas and events on Lagoon catamarans is always a great way to bring together sailing aficionados. Consequently, Lagoon has celebrated its 40th anniversary by organizing 30 Lagoon Escapades worldwide in cooperation with their dealers, and gathering over 400 Lagoon catamarans with over 2400 crew members in May 2024. Nautika Centar Nava, joined in on the fun and here’s a detailed report if you’d like to know more. It’s worth noting that Nava organized the first Lagoon Escapade Croatia back in 2012.

The anticipation of each new model and launch is a testament to their global appeal, not just by potential buyers but everyone from the nautical industry. It’s this universal appeal that has catapulted Lagoon into being the most recognizable name among sailing catamaran manufacturers.

The latest models from Lagoon

Keeping up with tradition while introducing innovation and trends has been a hallmark of each new launch from Lagoon’s yards. Recent years have seen some stunning additions — yachts that embody luxury, efficiency, and sustainability.

These latest models are designed keeping today’s sailor in mind and by incorporating owner’s remarks and reviews —an individual looking for a blend of adventure and comfort on the sea. With cutting-edge navigation technology and exquisite interiors often tailored to owner specifications, each new catamaran proudly represents the brand.

40th Anniversary

There are many reasons for Lagoon’s celebration, apart from the impressive 40 years in the business. For instance, the 7,000 Lagoon catamarans sold worldwide up-to-date. Or the Lagoon 42 as their best-selling model with over 1,000 units sold. The festivities have already started with the recently held Lagoon days and the unveiling of the Lagoon 60 in March. In May we had the privilege of participating in the World Lagoon Escapade, and it was the biggest and most amazing catamaran owner, dealer, representative, and fan gathering ever. 

What lies ahead for Lagoon?

The newly revealed Lagoon 60 and the announced Lagoon 43 models prove that Lagoon is here to stay and continues to lead the way in catamaran design and construction. However, Lagoon is more than just building yachts. They are creating floating havens that encapsulate decades of heritage and look towards future horizons. This vision ensures that each model adheres to traditional values but also embraces changes! Be it through eco-friendly manufacturing processes, sustainable features, or incorporating customer feedback into design innovations.

So it seems, we have many more models and catamarans to look forward to. Because Lagoon is bound to keep creating dream yachts that inspire generations of sailors around our blue planet.

Thus, as we sail each new innovative vessel under the Lagoon flag, we enjoy every moment on board. And we are eagerly on the lookout of what marvels this iconic brand will unveil next.

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