The Lagoon Magic continues, NEW 5MA coming soon

For the last 35 years, Lagoon has been launching one of the best catamarans in the world. Their passion and utmost attention to customer’s expectations are visible in every detail. 

 Lagoon design has become a synonym for seaworthy catamarans that ensure a safe and comfortable sailing experience. Sleek lines, intrepid pace, clever layouts… Undeniably, Lagoon has set high standards in the boating industry and with each new launch, soundly pushes them even further.

 Nowadays, by perpetuating a brand’s original values, their signature, the magic continues.

 We proudly announce the launch of new Lagoon 5MA, a 52 – 55 feet dream yacht.


So far, we do not know much about the brand-new multihull. But we are already enchanted!

New Lagoon 5MA features:

  • new circulation onboard without borders between the interior and the outside,
  • real terrace on the water, 
  • overhead skylights vision,
  • completely private cocoon,
  • rear bench,
  • unique access onboard,
  • outdoor galley.

 So, welcome home! 

The worldwide unveiling is set for February 2021. Meanwhile, you can watch Episode 1 and Episode 2 on Lagoon YouTube channel to get the fuller picture.

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