Lagoon Croatia


During Le Grand Motte boat show Lagoon announced launching of two brand new models in sailing yacht range, new LAGOON 40 & LAGOON 50.

Boat models will be introduced during Fall boat show 2017. Limited number of boats will be available already for season 2018.

LAGOON 40 represents the symbiosis of Lagoon's two generations of 39 and 400: receding rig for higher performance, a self steering jib, a larger space and warm comfort give us the new 40-foot vision of Lagoon. The cockpit is reminiscent of the 42 and its design was entirely conceived by Nauta Design.

LAGOON 50 represent missing link in the sailing yacht range. As many could notice, there was a small gap between 450 and 52. This new model is the result of a long conception process and study. Imagine and incredible sailing ability togehther with the increased performance of the new Lagoon rig. Stir well, let it rest and you will get new 50 available in 3,4 and even 6 cabins.